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Hi — I’m Lucy, Stuart’s daughter and creator of this website. I want to give you an insight into Stuart who, through my eyes and from my heart, is one of the truest and most prolific artists. 


I use the word ‘truest’ in this context to convey the purity of his passion, his innate knowledge of colour and design, and his intrinsic need — his soul’s calling — to create works of art that reflect the wonder and beauty of the universe and man’s relationship within it. 


I have always been in awe of my dad for his unrelenting energy and zest for life; his ability to live in and make the most of every moment. This way of being has by no means come from living a perfectly zen lifestyle. I can assure you that no yoga has been done, no herbal tea has been drunk, and there has been approximately zero hours sat in deep meditation. Instead, it seems as though the Spirit of Life just pulsates through his veins — an inherent passion and gratitude for even the most simple of everyday pleasures.



Self Portrait

  Stuart's Self-Portrait  

On many a holiday — to give you a small example — before my brother and I had even got out of bed, dad would have often driven around the whole island, drunk five cups of coffee, had a swim in the ocean, painted a few rocks, collected some driftwood for future photoshoots, and returned back to the room beaming and energised, ready to have a whiskey and start the day! It is this impassioned love for life that radiates through all of his work.  


The Rose Chapel, in Hadleigh, Suffolk, is both my dad’s studio and home. The best way I could describe it is a treasure trove of majestic art, alive with colour, rich in symbolism, and emanating the spirit of the universe. I am overwhelmed with admiration, love, and pride when I look at everything he has produced; it is my greatest desire to help my father share his work, and for his art to get the recognition it so deeply deserves. It is here to be enjoyed by the world.

The Creative Process


Click play to watch a montage of Stuart in full swing... Enjoy!


Colour is a main key to my work. Vivid, vibrant, dazzling, and ever-changing 

through the shifting patterns of sunlight and shade. 

As Delvaux said, "I have always wanted my colours to sing!"



The coast, forest, mountains, sea, and sky are the starting point for my work.


The heartbeat of nature beats within us all; in the modern world this is, however, so easily lost. I feel it is this primordial heartbeat that flows through me when I create — a heartbeat that resonates through the ages, across all indigenous cultures.


It is that essential Self, resonant in me thousands of generations later, that I am looking to connect with and express through the parallels of timeless forms — an inner spiritual truth expressed through my art. 

Most of my finished pieces are on large scale canvas. They often begin as smaller multimedia collages built in layers. Image, pattern, and colour combine to create these pieces. They intend to create a mood of past, present, and future. Abstract images are interwoven with the symbolic. Techniques, forms, and pattern are combined and unified to create fantastical landscapes rooted in places visited. Translated into the imaginary and alive with primitive references. An illusion to the unimaginable mystery of the universe.


Prisms of colour often lighten the sky, and birds embroidered with pattern and texture are silhouetted against a flat moon. Richly decorated totems, simple in form, reach upwards; ornate plants, flowers, and trees grow in mysterious gardens.


My canvases are often huge in scale, others are more modest in size.

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Fish plant.jpg


I am always happy to talk about my artwork and the inspiration behind it. If you would like any more information, such as availability, dimensions, costs, shipping, commissioned pieces, etc. or would like to arrange a visit to my Rose Chapel Studio, please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

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